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Expand to the US


Tremendous Challenges for Companies of All Sizes in Germany in 2024

High inflation continues to affect purchasing power and increase operating costs, particularly with regard to energy and raw material prices. The shortage of skilled workers in technical and digital professions remains a significant barrier to growth and innovation.

In addition, economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions are weighing on export markets and investment plans. These factors combine to create an urgent need for new markets and more efficient production methods.

Market Opportunities and Growth Potential in the
United States

In this context, expansion into the US market offers an attractive opportunity. The United States is one of the largest and most dynamic markets in the world, offering German companies not only access to new customer segments, but also to an innovative environment. This can be particularly advantageous for technology-oriented companies. In addition, German companies in the US are optimistic, with 91% of companies expecting sales growth. And a third of these companies are planning to make significant short term investments.


Solution Approach
with Ben Dirnberger

The consideration of expanding into the United States should be thoroughly examined and strategically planned. Ben Dirnberger not only offers the necessary advice to prepare initially from Germany, he also actively helps to manage business during your expansion in to the States.

By utilizing his services, you can not only overcome the current economic challenges, but also lay the foundation for sustainable growth and a stronger international presence.

To find out more and get to know Ben Dirnberger, book your free initial consultation.

Advantages of Your US Expansion

Risk Reduction Through Market Diversification

By diversifying your business activities in the United States, you can reduce the risk associated with dependence on a single market. This can be a significant strategic advantage in uncertain economic times.



The United States is a center for technological innovation. The proximity to cutting-edge companies and universities offers opportunities for cooperation and access to the latest technologies.

Entrepreneur-Friendly Environment

The United States is known for its business-friendly environment with comparatively low bureaucratic hurdles, which makes it easier to set up and expand your business. In addition, there are financial incentives as well.

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