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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should German companies invest in the US?
    German companies should invest in the U.S. due to its large, diverse market which offers substantial consumer spending power. The U.S. also has a stable economic environment, strong intellectual property protections, and a skilled workforce. Additionally, investing in the U.S. allows for closer proximity to American customers and can reduce logistical costs and complexities. The U.S. innovation ecosystem, particularly in technology and pharmaceuticals, offers collaboration opportunities and access to cutting-edge research and development resources.
  • How can your services help us develop a comprehensive market entry strategy for the U.S., considering the differences in consumer behavior, legal requirements, and business culture compared to Germany?
    I specialize in crafting tailored market entry strategies. Usually, my approach begins with a thorough market analysis to understand the local consumer behavior and competitive landscape if you are at the beginning of your expansion journey. This will be then aligned with your business strengths and goals. Additionally, I can assist in setting up local operations and navigating logistical challenges, ensuring a smooth market entry.
  • Can your service help us build a network of local contacts, including potential partners, suppliers, and customers? What is your track record with facilitating such connections for international companies entering the U.S. market?
    I have a robust network of local contacts across various sectors that can be instrumental for your business. Over the years of my professional experience, I've successfully helped several international companies with their specific needs in various projects. I facilitate introductions and negotiations to build these essential connections.
  • How long do you usually work in customer projects?
    I am operating fully customer focused and deliver sevices in the frequency and time period my customers request.
  • Once established, how can your services support our growth and scaling in the U.S.? Do you provide ongoing consulting or support services to address future challenges and opportunities as we expand?
    Beyond initial setup, I offer ongoing support and consulting to help you manage and scale your U.S. operations. This includes strategic advice on expansion opportunities, continuous market analysis, and operational optimizations. My goal is to ensure you have all the tools and insights needed to grow sustainably and successfully in the U.S. market.
  • Why should US companies invest in Germany?
    U.S. companies should invest in Germany because it offers a robust economy, a strategic location in Europe, and access to the broader EU market. Germany's highly skilled workforce, strong infrastructure, and commitment to innovation and quality are significant draws. Additionally, Germany leads in sectors like automotive, engineering, and renewable energy, providing ample collaboration and growth opportunities.
  • Where are you located?
    I go, where my clients need me to go. I am home in Germany and the United States. Currently, I live in Austin, Texas.
  • Are you eligable to work in the US?
    Yes, I am a permanent resident and Green Card Holder with social security.
  • Are you eligable to work in Europe / Germany?
    Yes, I am a German citizen.
  • Do you own a business in the US or Germany?
    In both countries: Austin (Texas) in the United States and Monheim am Rhein (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany.
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